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The Ash B Garage G101B - 2 car tandem garage

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SOMEWHAT of a hybrid or a freak of nature, this bizarre garage happened by accident. We were curious how much space we could get above a garage for a small loft or office. Before we knew it, the thing was 2 cars long with big fangs and a bad hairdo. We figured someone out there would have a need for it, so we put it up.  Being a 2-car we could have called it a Pine, but being only one car wide we decided on the ashen lot.

There is ample room for 2 cars as well as a workbench against the side or back walls.  The side windows have no structural significance; you could move or remove them for your viewing pleasure.  Any standard side-hinge door could be put onto the back wall with a 2x12 header.  If you'd like to build a carwash, talk to your engineer about adding another overhead door on the back.

Upstairs is a small but very usable 264sf.  With a little extra plumbing, a small bath and kitchen would turn it into a studio apartment.  Or you could use the space as an office, artist studio, or light storage.  For a while we toyed around with installing a lift in order to store a car in this space.

This garage is framed with 2x4 walls for maximum floor space.  Bonus style trusses are called out for ease of framing, and there's a little bit of sticking through the center of the plan in order to create the dormer.  If you preferred to stick frame the entire roof you might gain extra storage in the rafters. The roof is 8:12 pitch, but of course you can change that to suit your needs.

This plan is sold with a slab style foundation included. If you need to modify to a suspended garage, please contact an engineer local to your area.   

All plans include four elevations, floor plans, foundation plans, at least two building sections, framing plans for the second floor and/or roof, and notes and construction details. This is everything you will need to build, but may not be everything you need to get a permit. Check with your local jurisdiction. Electrical layouts, cabinet elevations and engineering are not included.
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