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The Cascadia 1052 - 3 bed, 1.5 bath, 1009 square feet

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CASCADIA, ah the lush green and bright sun of that narrow strip where earth and sky meet and the trees are sacred.  Where one lives with nature, not upon it.  Where one can ride naked on a Harley in the forest with little more reaction than a knowing nod and smile.  Awake trees, lakes, and rocks!  Awake and burst forth with all that is in you.  Awake and make the earth alive with your song and dance.

An experiment in how narrow is too narrow, we brought the Cascadia close to code limits.  While looking at many classic 15' wide homes, it occurred to us that the bulk of the home is the garage door and a protruding gable over the top of it.  When seen from one side, the house almost looks as though it could be 11' wide.  "Well, why not?  In fact, let's take the foundation down to an even number and see what happens!"  What you now behold is the culmination of that bold new idea.

Why Cascadia, you may ask?  Cascadia will have little impact while still being beautiful.  Cascadia will celebrate herself and her origins without imbibing in a revelrous Bacchan manner.

When designing to dimensions that are substandard to convention, one must be willing to break a few eggs or molds... or whatever needs to break.  The entirety of the living space is a mere 9' wide and the parlor is reduced to minimal standards.  As we've mentioned on our blog, our designs are mere suggestions.  If the kitchen should be too grandiose, it may be respectfully diminished to whatever suits your free spirit.  Dishwashers and gas ranges are such users of resources that they may be done away with to harmonize more with nature.

The back bedroom was initially called a flex room as we pictured the home office or meditation chamber to reside there.  It will follow your destiny.

The upper floor has again gone through a yoga routine to fit a slightly contemporary lifestyle.  The washer and dryer would easily fit under the stairs to enlarge the bathroom.  Convenience was key but we dare not sacrifice that which need not be.

All plans include four elevations, floor plans, foundation plans, at least two building sections, framing plans for the second floor and/or roof, and notes and construction details. This is everything you will need to build, but may not be everything you need to get a permit. Check with your local jurisdiction. Electrical layouts, cabinet elevations and engineering are not included.
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