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The Goose Hollow 3242 - 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2332 square feet

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THE Goose Hollow represents the unseen.  Much like the wind, you see some of the effects, but you can't see the thing itself.  Those unfamiliar with the finer details of architecture may simply be awed at the home itself.  But those with insider knowledge, those who know what questions to ask, those with an eye; to them will be revealed the secrets.  For instance, the most obvious question would be to inquire as to the shape of the roofline.  The average observer may think the house wider than long.  But the enlightened will look deeper than the surface.  Indeed, the deeper you search, the more you are rewarded with finding answers.

A cursory glance of the floor plan by the casual observer may yield typical results.  All the right rooms are there and nothing looks out of the ordinary.  A formal foyer greets the searcher and opens to a great parlor.  The dining room is connected to a modern rear kitchen.  Some flex space, a bathroom, and laundry seem typical.  What of upstairs?

Ah, but the upstairs does not hold any secrets!  Rather, were you to proceed up the stairs, you would find no more than you would have found downstairs.  For what is up is down and what is lost is found.  Wait, that center space.  Those penetrations through the plane.  That... hole?  Until now, eyes have not seen what lies within.  And what lies within is private though discoverable by those wishing to discover.

Have you never wanted to enjoy the freedom of what is without without revealing what is within?  Here is where the Goose Hollow finds meaning in it's name.  The central courtyard gives freshness to the indoor space, brightness to the recesses, and wonder to the neophyte.

As one ascends the heights, it now becomes plain as to what was hidden.  The dawn is revealed!  Sight is opened up and the light pours in.  Some rooms are only lit from the inner part while others reveal both the inner and outer parts.  The loft, for instance, is a private space from the rest of the world, though it is lit from the courtyard.  The master bedroom is given preferential access to the outer space.  Three more beds and a bath surround the other perimeter.  All have some level of access to both inside and outside.  A transom window over the two front bedroom doors would allow light from all around.

But as for the source itself, how will you address it?  Will it be allowed to be natural?  Perhaps it will be adorned with manicured specimens.  Perhaps it will be one paved paradise, hardened to the influences of the outside.  A bench?  A koi pond?  Fountain?  Let your inner voice guide you.

All plans include four elevations, floor plans, foundation plans, at least two building sections, framing plans for the second floor and/or roof, and notes and construction details. This is everything you will need to build, but may not be everything you need to get a permit. Check with your local jurisdiction. Electrical layouts, cabinet elevations and engineering are not included.
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